How to rotate camera with Track to Constraint?

Hi, I have added a “track to” constraint to my camera and am tracking an “Empty”. The problem is I want to rotate my camera slightly for a more dynamic view but when I use a “track” to" constraint It doesn’t let me.

Is there a setting I can turn off or something that will allow me to still use the “track to” constraint but allow me to rotate the camera.


One option:
Instead of the camera tracking the object have an empty do the tracking. Parent the camera to the empty and then it will also track the object but you can also independently give it some additional rotation


I’m having this exact problem, i tried the answer above but it still wouldnt move independently

i was following this tutorial

So in your example, you’d need to put a constraint on the empty to track to the target, in addition to the follow path constraint. If you try to put the constraint on the camera, you will not be able to rotate it.

For maximum flexibility, you could have the camera parented to an empty, and that empty parented to another empty. Camera has no constraints, middle empty has “look at” constraint, top empty has “follow path” constraint.

It is possible to animate rotation if you lower influence a bit,
it gives an unstable view like from a helicopter.

track_to_lower_influence.blend (96.6 KB)

Or you could track to an empty traveling on a curve parented by your target.

thank you for this

thanks for this!!