How to rotate texture?

Hello guys,
I was studying texture mapping when I’ve encountered an obstacle I can figure to get ahead of.

I have my nice striped textures to apply on top of my object.
The default map input settings applies that with an angle of approximately 45° on the Z axis.

I’d like to rotate the Z axis of the texture so I could define the angle between the stripes of the textures and the edge of the object, say 10°.

But, when I search the Map Input panel I can find the scale and the offset buttons only! Where the rotate button is gone? There is a way to obtain a precise rotation without the rotation button?


I think the usual way is to create an Empty and then in Map Input activate Object instead of Orco (with the name of the object in the Ob: field). Now rotate the empty, the texture should follow. You may also translate and scale the Empty to apply the other transformations.

Rainborg, this is “golden advice” :cool: . This is it:


Thank you so much! It is exactly what I was looking for!

It gives a great control over the ways the textures are mapped.

Is there a way to get more immediate feedback on the orientation of the texture using the empty? I have to transform the empty, render and repeat until the texture is positioned correctly. Is there a better way?

Also when using GLSL (real time texture rendering) the empty does not seem to have any effect on the texture??

I am very new at this and am used to using the trueSpace realtime renderer where I can see the texture moving as I adjust the widget.

Try the Preview Window, Shift-P. Move it around and resize it to the best position. The delay is a couple of seconds, but it works.

How do you rotate the texture when using a texture node ? Rotate node doesn’t seem to have any effect.

Actually you do have some rudimentary rotational control by changing X Y Z settings.