How to run blender

I have version 2.45 of blender downloaded from but when i run binary file after extracting it does nothing no error no any action.I am using ubuntu 6.06 lts.please help me thanks in advance
well it runs version 2.41.whats problem

run blender from within a console/terminal and you will get the error message that makes it fail. Certainly you have a dependancy that is not satisfied. Please post back here for support with the message error in the console

I have the same problem in Ubuntu 7.04, but since I usually run Blender through the console, I saw this:

 error while loading shared libraries: libopenal.s.0:
cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory exists 

The interesting thing is that I run Blender 2.44 EXACTLY the same way, and it works fine.

thanks for reply .
It runs version 2.41 which is already installed and gives following error.

Unable to load: libtiff.
Try setting the BF_TIFF_LIB environment variable if you want this support.
Example: setenv BF_TIFF_LIB /usr/lib/

in one case you apparently have to install the libopenal package, using adept or synaptic or apt-get, whatever
in the second case, try to install libtiff
apparently these builds are not totally dependencies-free: libraries seem to be dynamic rather than static.

i downloaded libtiffxx0c2
same thing happened but no errors


the name is strange… should be something like libtiff, without anything else, with synaptic…

well name is same
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Please read the rest of the line too: " Tag Image File Format (TIFF) library – C++ interface"
You should apt-get install libtiff4.
For a missing libopenal do an apt-cache search libopenal then install the “portable library for 3D spatialized audio” which on debian is libopenal0a.

O.K. downloaded the libopenal0a package, ran it again, and it then requested the labalut0 package, which I downloaded as well. Thank God for Synaptic Package Manager. :slight_smile: It works now. :smiley:

thanks all now its working