How to save files on G-Mail ?

I’ve gotten a G-Mail invitation a while ago. But currently i’ve been trying to find a way to save a large amount of files to a seperate medium so i could reinstall my debian (or try some other OS). I’m going to be seperated from the internet starting on the 28th so i posted this ?? here cause of the endencies for fast responses compared to many other forum.

Since i’m broke, i’ve had just rememberred that some people could save files on gmail and i need that much space to saves much of my files online ASAP.

Could anyone explain how to do this or at least point me to a site for infos?

The only way I know is to compress your files to 10 megs sections and just mail them from another mail (maybe a yahoo)


You can either do what Duke Forever said (although you can send it to yourself, with the same accound), or, if you’re using Firefox, you might want to try this.

Friday13: THANKS this is exactly what i need. Now i need to install either the 1.4 or 1.5 version of firefox to use it. (current version is 1.0.4 :frowning: from the package manager installer)

Ok i got the firefox 1.5 but now i have to try and figure out how to save my folder with ALL of the Blend file i found at

I would hate to have to the site again and take about 2 hour trying to download everything again.

EDIT: Folder size is 472.5 MB


a) Upload them as compressed files of <10MB each.
b) simply download files from the model repository as needed.

Look like i’m gonna have to download them again. luckily most of my files can be found online so i can fit everything personal on my 64MB usb stick with spaces to spare. I just wanted to take a shortcut on downloading all of those files i have cause i have pretty much all of the tut vid i found, saved all of the html files of the online tut. and stuffs.

Well, those model files are (hopefully) there to stay :slight_smile:

yeah i hope so too. I’m still such a newbie on blender (even after a year of playing around with it) so i need some models to study.

Though i think my issue is more closely related to not having any of my own design or style yet.

You might want to try using libgmailer and gsave to upload files of any size to your gmail account:

or make your gmail account a filesystem on your local computer with the following python script:

which uses the following python script as a backend:

I didnt try any of these, but they might help.

Well, I’m still a newbie when it comes to skill too (yes, almost five years with Blender :o ), but that’s probably because I’m not motivated.

I’ve found that it’s easy to create a style in drawing, but difficult to translate (or create) one to 3D. I just recomment practice, practice and, if all else fails, more practice.