how to save the emit value of a material

Hello everybody … please excuse my bad englisch … I´m a beginner in working with blender and my problem is:

I import an object like “desk.obj” … the emit value of the material is 0.
Now I change the emit value to 0.1 and save it as “desk.obj” again.
When I load the desk.obj file blender didn´t saved the emit value.
I know that there has to be a 0 again but the porblem is that the material is dark like it was at the beginning…no light.

I hobe someone can helb me … Thanks a lot!

I’m just wondering: Do you have to save your edited file as an .obj file? If so, I don’t think that .obj files can carry information about material settings.

The .OBJ format, by design does not support emission based material. The .MTL file was never designed to hold that data.

Try a newer model format like Collada or FBX.

Okay thanks to both of you! I will try another format and change my code!