How to scale Array modifier duplications along a path?

How can each duplication created by an Array modifier be scaled along a path? Here’s an example of what I’m trying to achieve.

Each sphere needs to remain along a path while not deforming but proportionally scaling xyz. Is this possible with the Array modifier or does it require another method?

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Very interesting question. I have a couple things I might want to try on this when I get home in a few hours.

Modifier deforms. So it’s Manually or scripting.

Better to learn Animation Nodes (visual scripting) for such & more

You could try to create an array which consists only of vertices. Then apply the modifier and use it as a particle emitter.
Unwrap the emitter so that its vertices are in row from left to right in the unwrap.
Emit one particle per vertex.
Use a blend texture with coordinates set to “UV” to drive the scale of you particles.

I figured out a procedural way to do it without scripting. Not perfect but may be good enough for what you need! Works with spheres and not just flat circles (would work for them too).

I will make a video on it today.

I am going to be livestreaming answering several people’s questions, I’ll do this one first since it’s fresh in my head.

I think everyone is over complicating this task. If he needs to just scale it uniformly along a path he can use object offset (empty for example) and scale empty or object itself. This should be enough.


I want to thank everyone for contributing to this thread. I have been busy with work and unable to experiment with these ideas. I am looking forward to trying your suggestions out.