How to scale extruded edge evenly?

I’ve done some google searching on this but couldn’t find an answer. Basically I want to select a group of edges that form a curve, extrude it, then scale it but keep the scaling even so they keep to the contours of the original edge.

This is the group of edges selected…

This is the result of Extruding, then scaling up a little…
The new scaled edge is warped because the object isn’t a circle anymore so it doesn’t have the same center point I think.

Is there a way to scale the new edge so it stays even with the original edge?

I grabbed and moved the edge manually in this image but its just to demonstrate what I’m trying to do.

I appreciate any help, thanks.

A screenshot might help a little better than a cropped shot. But I was able to do it by selecting those edges and changing it from global to normal. Then did an extrude so it pulled the same geometry out where I wanted it. Then I could scale it however I wanted and it stayed in a curved shape. Also I had my center points set to median. But like I said I just did a quick test doing a bevel of an edge of a cube, not sure what the image is you are using for this example.

E then Right Click. G + Shift + Z. Drag mouse

Heres a better example…

Heres a circle with edges that have been extruded and scaled out. The extruded edges stay an even distance from the original inner edges all the way around.

How can that be done if the circle has been made into this. Basically keeping a fourth of the circle, then extruding the upper most vertex along the x axis and the bottom most vertex along the y.

I believe there is a better way to do what you want. Download and install the Blender addon Offset Edges. You can get it from the .zip file attached to the post at:

Once you have enabled it, you will find it in the mesh edges menu. See the result in the attached screen shots.


After you extrude then hit alt+s then scale it. It is scaling for me straight up the y and x

All that was done was selecting those verts then hitting e for extrude, then hitting alt+s and it scaled this way.

Thats exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much. I’m gonna buy you a ferrari.

and thankyou too flyingbanana. I appreciate all the help everybody.