How to sculpt in Blender?


does anyone have any idea how to sculpt in Blender? I am trying to do a very basic sculpting of just bashing in scanned brushes using anchored mode, but everytime I undo a stroke, it also undoes random amount of previous changes, between 1-5. Usually things like brush size, brush depth, sometimes also color space of the loaded brush texture (has to be linear instead of sRGB).

I am trying for over two hours now, but I just found it impossible to do pretty much anything in the sculpt mode, as undo in sculpt mode to undo stroke completely wrecks my previous changes to the scene by randomly undoing them. And I just find it impossible to do the anchored stroke based sculpting without undoing.

Anyone has any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

The issue you are refering to have been fixed. What Blender version are you using?

I am on 2.91. It’s definitely not fixed.

There’s corrective release planned for 2.91, but at this point I’m willing to wait for 2.92:

yep happens to me. i like basically everything about blender except its undo function.

I think it only happens to me when I switch modes. So I keep on sculpt mode as much as possible.