How to see UV seams done previously?

I made a character and gave her a basic texture so I could play around with it.

I skinned her by creating seams and then LCSM unwrapping her.

Now I want to do the texture again, this time better.

I go to the UV Face Select view but I can’t see the seams.

If I unwrap the model again, Blender knows the seams are there and uses them but I can’t see them and would really like to not have to do them again.

Thus, is there a way to view seams? Is there something basic I am missing that displays the seams I have previously placed into the model?



In the EDIT menu, (F9), there is a button that says “Draw Seams”. It’s under the Mesh Tools 1 tab.

Press that and you should be able to see your seams.


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