How to see vertex coordinates

hello, I simply want to select 1 vertex and see its coordinates. How? Thanks.

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In Edit mode, press the letter N. This will pop-up the Transform properties window. This window will show the coordinates of any vertex, edge, or face, you select. You can also manual change the coordinates using the Transform properties widow.


In addition to what DichotomyMatt says, rightly so, I’d add that in that case it is the center of the object that is considered to be the origin.

If you want global coordinates, I see only a workaround myself : snap the 3D cursor to your vertex by selecting it and then using Shift+S and then Cursor -> Selection and then read the position of the 3D cursor in the View, View Properties panel.

Hopefully there is a more direct mean to achieve this but Blender is desperately allergic to anything even remotely CAD-like.


Umm… In the Properties pane you can select Global or local co ords…

Indeed that’s an ‘umm…’ if there ever was one !
Thanks for pointing me to the obvious that I missed. :slight_smile:


thanks guys this is exactly what i needed !

So many thanks , that was exactly what i needed !!

biggest necro i’ve ever seen!
not that it matters. if a topic exists for something, why not keep it in one post, instead of creating several, right?

anyway, i searched this as well so i could see if i could manually set the x position on several vertices in one single go. it appears i cannot. The transform info even says “median”.
meaning, setting x to 5 with several vertices selected, each of which having a different original x position, will set the selected vertices in some weird coordinate, accounting, apparently, for all the original x values of each vertex, hence the “median”.

i was wondering if we cannot set the transform to not median, if this could be a change blender could account for in the future.

It accounts for the locals of the selected vertices, I think that it sets the relative center to the coordinates and moves everything else around it.