How to Select Objects Based On Texture?

How can I select objects based on a texture?

From the outliner ‘Blender File’ display mode I tried right click and select linked but it does nothing (This works for materials). Is this a bug?


which texture on which material ?

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That’s the thing I want to know here actually. I have a big project that I appended lots of objects that I didn’t create myself. So I’m just curious where one of those big textures (that I detected manually) are used in the scene. (They don’t have fake user, so one of the objects in the scene must be using it)

might need a script !
but what are you looking for ?
is it a procedural texture or image UV

each object might have more then one material and textures !

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is this in 2.8 ?
I may something for 2.79 but not yet in 2.8
but it could also work

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I use 2.8, same issue happens on 2.79 as well.

no problems in 2.79
only in 2.8 edit mode

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I created a bug report and Brecht told that it’s not a bug but not an implemented feature either: