How to select the right vertices from a bunch of vertices

Currently I am modeling the flower’s stem but I find that the stem is too short and wish to extrude to longer the stem. However I face some difficulties. When I use C and drag the bottom vertices, it only select the bottom vertices at the front. However the stem is a cylinder shape. Those vertices behind and at sides were not selected as per attachment.:spin:

Can anyone show me how I can easily select all the vertices at the bottom at all sides? thanks


another question related to the flower stem.

If I want to re-size the stem to make the diameter smaller but maintain the height of the stem. How can I do that. I notice that when I use S, the whole stem become smaller and shorter but I just want it to become thinner. The rest remain the same. Anyone please help

Try using alt + s to scale along the normals in edit mode.

You didn’t show the most important part of the interface in your screenshot (the 3dview header) but make sure you have deselected the “Limit Selection to Visible” button on the header while in edit mode (the button to the right of the face select mode button)

Try S + [shift+Z]

This will scale your selection, excluding the z direction (up/down)

So that is the little devil that cause me to sweat the whole day yesterday. Thanks Richard. Manage to find the little button call “limit selection to visible”. It works.

My stem is very slim now after the scale. Thanks Guiseppe

S key + Middle Mouse Button, Move mouse sightly while holding down Middle Mouse Button to select a highlighted axis, then release MMB to scale along that axis.
Sort of tricky, but it works as you get used to it.