how to select the same segments all around a subdivided cube

hi to all blender-pros,

i have a subdivided cube and would like to select the same particular subdivision segments on each side of the cube at once. if the subdivision level is only one cut , it is still easy and maybe even quicker to select them one by one. but what if the number of cuts gets larger and the chosen segments on each side get to many to select them by hand?
does anyone know a trick to activate the same face segments on each side simultaniously?
thanks for every hint.
cheers, veyron

I couldn’t think of a way to do this without scripting, but you could do the following which requires only selecting the faces once. Basically you make one side of the cube with the desired faces assigned to a vertex group, and duplicate this side to re-create the cube.

  1. Make your cube and subdivide as desired. Make sure the object center is still in the center of the cube. Go into Edit, Face mode. Delete all sides of the cube except one.
  2. Select the desired faces on the remaining side. Create a new vertex group and assign these faces to this group.
  3. Switch to a view that looks at this face edge-on. Set rotation pivot to “active object” (or snap the cursor to the center and pivot around 3d cursor). Select all faces, Shift-D to duplicate, press Enter.
  4. Rotate the duplicated side 90 degrees. Repeat duplication/rotation as necessary to complete the cube.

The vertex groups will be duplicated too, so when you select this group all the corresponding faces on all sides will be selected. You could even set up several different groups in step 2. Obviously this approach is limited in that you have to know which faces you want beforehand, ie this method doesn’t allow arbitrary selection of corresponding faces.

I don’t know if this is what you mean, but you can just enter wirefram (Z key) and use the B key to draw a box around the things that you want to select, since it’s in wireframe you will select the vertecies (or whatever) on both sides.

Another way is to go in 3D view
select on bottom control bar at right the visible not visible control button
then when you select one side you also select whatever is on the other side behind!


You could use the mirror modifier.

If you want it to effect all 6 sides use the array modifier by making one face only, the others can be made by adding empty in the centre rotated by 90 deg , one array for 4 sides and another for the other 2 sides , if its just for opposite sides use the mirror modifer as stated above.

i really thank you volks,
though unfortunately your advises do not hit the solution i am looking for yet.
i know there is a much more elegant way to effect all six sides of a cube at once, i’ve done it before, sadly i just can’t remember how i did it.

regards, veyron