How to send pms?

Hello, I’m a new user here, and I’m curious as to when or how to unlock the ability pm other users, or if it even is a feature on this site.

You look for a user, click the “Message” tab and you can send them messages privately with no other users seeing them but those you send the message to.

If you’re unsure, ask an admin what you need to do.

Thanks, I don’t usually use forums, just getting familiar with the site. I don’t believe the tutorial for here went over pms.

I’m sure the admins would be more than willing to assist you getting comfortable here, whether you’re an artist or just looking for a place to chat relatable things.

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That sounds wonderful, looking forwards to being here, unfortunately I don’t believe I would be active for long, I tend to not be able to commit to forums for too long.

I have the same issue as @DavisCharles and I cannot find the messages tab. I want to PM @vklidu

Aah, it worked. What happened is that the “message” tab took its time to show up.

New users can’t send PMs, you need to spend a little time on the forum first to ‘level up’.