How to seperate the limbs of a skeleton mesh ?


I have downloaded this skeleton here:

…but it is all in one piece (whole skeleton = one mesh)

I do not want that, because when I add bones he will deform like he was made of flesh.

Is there some way to separate him into different meshes ? (e.g. head, upper arm, lower arm, etc).

Thanks a lot !

In edit mode select all vertices (or the required vertices you want split) and P / separate by loose parts
Depending on how the model was made this may split it into too many parts. You can then join )Ctrl+J) parts back together if really needed.

After you have split the parts select them all and reset their origin to Geometry from the Origin button in the toolshelf (or Shift+Ctrl+Alt+C)


Im very busy currently, but will try it tomorrow.
Thanks again, have a happy new year’s day