How to set the camera angle of the viewport camera ?

i was looking for the setup where i can make the camera angle of the viewport camera wider or narrower but couldn’t find it.
How is it done ?


What do you mean by “camera angle being wider or narrower”? Do you mean 1) render area 2) focal length (the “perspectiveness” of the perspective view) or something else? You can create a camera and edit its settings and use it for your needs.

Also, can you numerically rotate the view?

You can change the viewport lens angle in the properties panel (shortcut N) under the ‘View’ section.

Numpad 4/6 rotates the view. You can set rotate angle in the user preferences / Interface settings

ok great thx


You can change Camera in Properties Panel…Select Camera go Properties Panel - Data Tap - Lens and set Your angle there.



thx ,

yes i meant the focal length so perspectiveness, which then also defines the render area all together. Like zoom instead of camera positioning. Here actually is a great camera explanation site for everybody, with interactive settings / results at maxwellrender

I had to smile a bit over the confusion about the term “camera angle” (aka FOV, field of view, and a few other terms). Not all that long ago most 3D apps used than term as the main parameter for setting the camera view – converting it to an actual focal length required a separate script or add-on/plug-in (I wrote one for Blender called BLenses way back on the day). Much better nowadays with in-depth camera sim code as part of the package.