How to set up a camera to track an object with python?

Is there a way how to set up a camera that stays in one place and tracks an object with python?
I have tried this:


This doesn’t work.
Tracking a point in the world while moving the camera would be nice.

Use a Tracking actuator to make it look towards the object.

You can set the tracking target in Python if needed.

Get a vector from the camera to the object. Align the camera along the -Z to that vector. You’ll probably need to align the camera up and down(Y axis) otherwise it might be upside down or angled funny.

A tracking actuator? Which one is that? Do you mean the Camera actuator?
That one follows the object and I want the camera to look at object or a point on a map.

Thank you for the suggestion, how can you set that up with python?

Sorry, it’s one of the options in the “Edit Object” actuator. It’s called “Track to”.


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OK this does work thank you.
But if I wanted a point on a world position instead of an object.
How would I do that? Especially in python.

Personally, I usually just use an empty. Have the camera track the empty and use Python to set the empty’s position to whatever co-ordinates you want.

If you don’t want to do that, then you’d need to maths it with sodsm_live’s Python solution.

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You are right. I have created an empty which I’m moving to a designated place.
This is the best solution.

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