How to set up with Eevee renderer render of transparency and refractions

based on an input i am unable to progress, the render is uggly, i cannot imagine how transparency and refractions would not be a standard feature its seen in half life 2 tech demo and its quite aged

i just have no idea how to set it up correctly where it has no render flaws either (i am modeling a transparent cup)

you may try these settings

it doesn’t seem to solve all the problems, the render looks ugly shadows look ugly some refraction artifacts, it seems to work with cycles but thats too grainy

i thought maybe a renderer is possible which is close to a gameengine

any other suggestions?

At the moment, Transparency is keeping me from using EEVEE on a project I’m working on. I don’t really understand why since if I apply a Glass shader to a Cube it looks fine, but in my proper scene, I can never quite get it to work the way I want to.

There is this if you’re interested, perhaps worth a shot, but my recommendation is that for glass/transparent materials to stick to Cycles.

so far i have no other choice but to use Cycles

If you can post a .blend file, or at least a screen shot, we may be able to help you, i’m guessing some of the eevee reflection/refraction options aren’t turned on.

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