How to Shatter Glass (part 1 and 2)

This tutorial shows how to realistically shatter glass around the point of impact, how to easily set up a rigid body simulation, and how to use render layers for correct shattering.

You need the latest (2.66 RC1 or later) version to use rigid bodies.

Edit: scaling down a cube in object mode works better for the window than an extruded plane.

I felt like I needed to go over two more types of glass to complete your knowledge of glass shattering. If you applied the last tutorial to say, a drinking glass falling on the floor, it would have looked wrong, so here I show you how to shatter drinking glasses and reinforced glass. Sorry if it is a bit redundant, but I hope you learned something new!


Great tutorial.

I have a problem with this: I have set up a scene with a window that are going to be shattered by a ball. Everything is going fine until I animate. The ball just stops at the window as if the “original” glass is stopping it, and don’t pass through. I have followed the tutorial exactly. What is wrong?

If the ball just bounces off, make sure the mass is set high enough. If it stops in mid-air, check if the animated checkbox is keyframed correctly. If that doesn’t fix it, post a .blend file and I will look at it for you.

I found the first tutorial a bit lacking, so I added a second.