How to shot

I would to create a spaceshooter, but I dont know how to firering shoots…
Can someone help me with that, I create with logicbrick only…
the shots will hurt badguys-ships… :Z

It isn’t that hard to make a gun shooting objects. Ok here some explaination about it:

[keyboard: ctrl]—[and]—[add object: bullet]

First one is a keyboard sensor, which has a field to fill in a key. I used for example left-ctrl. Afther that we get an and controller which just makes the connection between a sensor and an actuator. The add object, is a actuator which you can choose from the menu, there you set a object name. This object you wrote in the add object actuator is at layer 2. In blender you can work in layers, those little squares under the 3D vieport, I thought about 20 pieces.

When you did this and hit ctrl (notice which you input, left or right) it will shoot. :wink:
The best way of using logic bricks for the first time is just adding a sensor, and choose every sensor option and watch what all the button tips say, or just look at them and try figuring out. If you think in objects, names and values it won’t be that hard. :slight_smile:

I tried that u sayed, but it don´t work, can u or someone else make a tutorial…
It doesn´t happend anything… plz help

I success to fix it, no more help needed in just this case, I´ll be back for other guestions, cya :Z