How to show hair on object thats being used for hair

I’m trying to make a forest scene in Blender, and I’m using hair on the branches to add the leaves, and hair on the trees to add the braches, and hair on the ground to add the trees, but the branches (and the leaves) aren’t appearing on the tree when it’s added onto the ground! Please help!

found this:

edit: sorry spoke too soon, doesn’t seem like I can get it to work.

It is far better to add tree and bush assets ( several different types,sizes and styles ) in their own collection, and then you can dynamic paint you emitter plane to place, and particle hair use the collection, with random… less expensive for computing…

So that means…

I had the same problem and found an answer on those posts:

Hope you find them helpful :wink:

Additionally, I had to set the ‘Whole Collection’ in particle settings:

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