How to show the handles of my Bezier Curve?

Screenshot from 2020-03-26 14-51-26

I have chosen all the Handle type choices available (Automatic, Vector, Aligned, etc) and non show any handles.
What am I missing?!

Thanks guys

Your curve is probably in PolyCurve. It’s what happen when you convert a mesh to curve. In edit mode, go to Curve->Spline Type->Bezier

To create it I just used the contextual pop up menu with Shift a

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So I did what you suggested:

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But it told me: “At least 6 points required for conversion”

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My curve has 5 points. I suppose I could always add one more point.
But my curve is already a Bezier curve:

Screenshot from 2020-03-26 15-57-53

Thanks for your suggestion Darknoodles :slight_smile:

Have you tried other handle types ?

Ok i found the tip. Path is a special type of curve. So yes, it seems like you can’t convert Path to Bezier. BUT… you can convert it to PolyCurve then convert it to Bezier :wink: and then set your handle type

Ok. But doesn’t this show that my curve is already a Bezier curve?

Screenshot from 2020-03-26 15-57-53

I even have this checked!

I just closed Blender and opened it again, and still no handles! :frowning:

No that just shows what object will be created if you draw a new curve. If you go to the object data tab and drop down the Active Spline tab. If it looks like this: Path
then it’s a path/NURBS curve. Otherwise, if it looks like this:Bezier
then it’s a bezier curve.

So I added one more point, to comply with the minimum of 6 points in order to convert it to a Bezier.
I did convert it successfully.
Now I have the bloody handles :wink:

Thank you guys!