How to shrink/wrap a curve to a sphere ?

I have this curve and i want it to wrap it to the sphere , what are the steps i have to do ?

I think you should place the curve in front of the sphere, add the modifier to the curve and set it in projection mode in one of the axis (z maybe).

There is a known issue with curves anyway. You may find that the curve becomes straight in certain parts when rendering. If you come across this issue you should know that it is a bug. I´m nt sure if it is already solved in SVN.

I don’t see any curve.
Can you be more spcific? Which variant? (see below)


(1) convert the curve to a mesh, (2) in edit mode activate retopo, and (3) select “retopo all” and (4) click inside the 3D view.

Hope it helped
/ Mats


I am trying out this retopo thing. I have never used that tool before.

I restart Blender.
I delete the default cube.
I create a sphere.
I create a bezier circle, move it up so it is above the sphere and convert it to a mesh.
I put the circle in edit mode and click Retopo then retopo all and the question mark cursor comes up so I click int he 3D window.

Nothing happens.

What is the next step?

I expected the circle mesh to reform itself so it followed the curve of the sphere.

Hi Atom,

When you get the Question mark cursor click the Bezier Circle…



@Atom: Retopo (at least in 2.46) is “view dependent”, ie the verts you wish to be retopoed must appear to be between you and the target object. The question mark is asking which 3D window you want to use, as the results will be different depending on the view orientation. This is easily proved by trying retopo of a mesh onto a target object, but from slightly different views.

Ah, I got it to work. You also have to select all the verts after you put the circle in to edit mode or nothing happens.

Thanks, I may have to keep playing with this tool.