How to Simulate Jet Engine Smoke?


I make a lowpoly Airplane

How to simulate a line of smoke from the back of this plane?
the smoke line is not to long it will disappear quickly

Generally speaking tactical jet engine are designed to produce no smoke. The worst offending aircraft was F4 Phantom as far as leaving smoke trial that can be spotted miles away! In Vietnam, many Phantom pilots had hard time spotting Mig 21, which had much smaller airframe and they didn’t leave black smoke trails! Who needs radar if you can see your opponent from 20 miles away! Here is F4 smoke trail footage:

F4 did not produce smoke when its after burner turned on. But then if you are conserving fuel to look for enemy, you don’t have after burner on.

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Check out this tutorial: very helpful.
It shows you exactly how to use since that’s what you wanted :stuck_out_tongue: