How to simulate water drops on the camera lens?

What’s the best way to go about simulating water drops on the camera lens?

I will be modeling an animated splash with the fluid simulator and then have some drops to stick to the lens. I’m not sure where to start with the water drops on the lens, though. Any suggestions?

Why not just model some drops?

The more interesting question is where the camera is focused
If the drops are out of focus then they tend to just blur the subject of the shot
If the drops are in focus then you get interesting transparent effects

Here both the subject and the drops are in focus

Best of luck


Well, I’m thinking in terms of material. What sort of materials (and what sort of settings for the materials) would I want to use to simulate the sort of refraction that happens with water drops? I’m especially interested in the refraction that happens when you’re looking through the drops.

I would use a mixture of glass with just a touch of diffuse shaders {cycles}
But change the IOR for water which is 1,3 or something

Thank you – that’s exactly what I was looking for!