How to smooth out edge ring into a perfect cylinder-like shape

I reduced the amount of edges of this cylinder-shape by dissolving them as I want a cleaner topology.

Could anyone tell me how to get the distances between the edges equal again while maintaining the selected edges’ (see above) positions?


(Or is there a better way to reduce the edges of a cylinder? I went from 24 to 16. )

Unless I didn’t understand the meaning of your question correctly, but why not just start your Cylinder object using the right number of edges?

Add Cylinder> F9 Key> Modify number Vertices to 16

The shape is cut by a cylinder boolean object and carefully placed. Restarting from scratch works but I don’t think that is the most efficient way. If the problem involves a lot more work, it would be very tiring.

I am sure there is a method to fix it without going down that path.

enable loop tools addon (it’s already in blender just enable it in addon list) go to select the problematic loop and then press w for special menu > loop tools > circle
repeat for any problematic areas .

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That works. Thanks!