how to speak australian....

(blengine) #1

its been a while since i made anything, so heres my tribute to our friendly aussie neighbor neo!! hey neo!! u still owe me a boomerang!

just a quickie =D

EDIT: big thanks to bg3d for the fosters can image… yeah!

(LohnS) #2


(kaktuswasse) #3

:o :o great lightning! but a little bit to bright i think…but wow. Cool picture!

(ectizen) #4

/me adjusts reading glasses, clears throat…

Strewth! Stone the flamin’ crows, that’s a bonza pic! G’donya mate!

Of course, the beer’s wrong :wink:

(rixtr66) #5

heh!cool,i can only imagine whose teeth those are.
heh,heh,heh a little bright but well done.

:o :o :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

(Nayman) #6

I agree… Neo does suck… stupid neo, beating me so far in the Weekend challenge…

ONe of these days :stuck_out_tongue:

And rixtrr, your no better… Grrrr… :wink:

Bogbean… dont even get me started. I’ll show you a g-string (hits him with guitar)

NOw i feel better

(just kidding… i actually love you all.)

And the pic is great man… what is up with you and your lighting!~ Wow!
Is it jsut a hemi with a shadow spot?

(shibbydude) #7

That’s great stuff! I know by now it’s kind of a cliche to make an aluminum can, but does anybody know where I can (no pun intended) find a texture for one? A real one? Cause I’ve tried to scan one in and its hard!

(blengine) #8

ello all, too bright eh?? how this mate?

thanks fer the comps all
nayman, aye, one hemi, one ‘only shadow’ spot =D
ectizen, thats all australian beer… u aussies drink your own beer dont ya?
of course, if its in australia, the can wouldnt say imported :wink: hahaha
just goes to show ya that aussies arent too bright…the aussie who owned this can, traveled to america to see if fosters tastes the same in another time zone…then he broght some back home…lol



(ectizen) #9

Australian beer, rated by an Australian - Fosters doesn’t seems to get a mention :slight_smile:
The Beer Voting Booth is also an interesting read (if perhaps a little biased :wink: )

Official site

…an on topic post containing links to beer?!

(Bapsis) #10

Very nice work GB, did you draw the aboriginal kangaroo style, or find a jpg?
It makes me want to make a pic now to tease my aussie gf, the last time i “teased” her with blender, it came out like:

Tho, i acctually like vegemite, as well as getting my vitamin V!!! :wink:

Nice teeth btw, tho a bit of blood on the boomerangs would tell the story a little bit better, dont you think? :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(bg3D) #11

Its “Foster’s Australian for Beer”!
I don’t care what you Australians say about it!
What do you know about Australia?!! It’s not like you live there!


(blengine) #12

mmm, vitamin K, and high in vitamin R…bapsis, no found it on google =) woo, go google!