How to straighten an edge\loop moving each vertex along its individual normal line?

How to straighten an edge or a loop on a complex shape? I guess it can be achieved by moving each vertex along its own normal line. When I use S, Y, 0 that doesn’t work. Also tried to use individual origins but to no avail. Any ideas? Thanks.


Does this help?

Then you can do the S, Y, 0 and it will work. Watch from around 2minutes in and it shows you.


Thank you very much for the answer but I’m afraid it’s not what I’m looking for. I watched this video, cool tricks but doesn’t solve exactly this question. I want each vertex to move along the edge it stays on (they all have different angles) but straighten inline along Y. Is it possible to have some sort of automated solution or it can be only achieved manually by doing it for each point individually?

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bisect tool to create new vertices and then slide existing vertices to the newly created vertices. youll have a perfectly straight alignment

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Thank you very much! Yes, that works well.

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