How to stream another camera view as overlay to the current camera view?


for a demonstration i want to show, what a real camera see’s on the current scene. So i modeled a camera object and place a blender camera object in front of the lense. How can i transport this view to an overlay (HUD?) in the right upper corner of the current (scene) camera view?
My first idea was to add a plane which always face the camera, but how to get this “live view” as an input there?

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Okay, thinking a bit deeper about this idea, it doesn’t really makes any sense … at least if the overlay is part of the rendering since it would get rendered too but its content itself is even not rendered yet … a bit like a deadlock^^
I think it just have to work when rendering from two different camera positons and add the rendered result as an overlay afterwards … i dont know how this is done usually, but i think this is the way to go

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