How to structure a short ???

I m trying to make a short in which a character is in different situations, and the camera travels from one situation to another once the action has finished in a given scene, the problem is that there won´t be cuts, it is a permanent flow with the same character used once an again while the camera moves in a single space ; now, for my own organization, i ve created every part of the animation in scenes, and now i would like to merge all the different scenes (wich uses the same character) into the same space; one single scene, so i can keep the movement of the camera fluid from one situation to another. If i could reuse the data merged in the other scenes it wouldn´t be a problem, but as i didn´t created actions (because i forgot to do it) i can´t import that data; or can i???
well, hope someone understand what i m saying, maybe my engilsh is not the best and the problem is not easy to explain, so please if you don´t get my point, let me know; and if you do get it please gimme an answer!!!:o

Can you post us some pictures of your scenes, or maybe draw a scematic map of your takes, about where the camera is supposed to be, where the person is now, and where he should be? I think most of us are maybe more pictorally oriented, so it may be easier to understand pictures than words. I think it goes fine taking the IPO-curves and changing them to actions, but this too needs some more information of your scene organization and about what you are doing and what you have already done.

After storyboarding the entire sequence (well, the scene–er, actually shot in your case), you need to do a previz to solve your flow and your blocking. This means doing a very rough animation (mostly displacements and movements for which positioning and timing are important) with very rough models just to see how things move and if their juxtaposition relays the important information to the viewer.

It’s hard work, but complex action demands that sort of study. Once you’ve solved the general choreography, it will be much easier to orchestate the details. Divide and conquer!

Hey guys, I ve solved my problem, the actions for the pose mode are saved by default, but there is a new problem that have arise: in my nla editor window the datablocks are very untidy; as my character is made of separated meshes a lot of info that doesn´t have keys is displayed in the nla editor, making my short organization a complete mess.
Here is an attach of the problem:

To the left you can see unnecessary datablcks displayed, as for example, “foot.r, foot.l, pupila.r,ojo.l” and so on. Is there a way to make the unused data disapear from the nla editor???
thank you