How to sub-surf this shape?

How do I apply subsurf to the shape in the attached blend file? SInce the faces are triangles, I can’t create any
edge loops to increase edge sharpness. Is there alternate topology I can use?

(The shape is just an extruded triangle)triangles.blend (388 KB)

You can bevel all the edges (after selecting the edges CTRL + B ) and press F6 (or look into the Operator panel on the bottom of the toolshelf, to the left of the screen) and set the Profile setting to 1

After that you can add your subsurf modifier and apply it

Thanks for your suggestion.
But, after looking at the edge flow in the image you posted, I tried another approach… which seems to be better because it allows us to make edge loops to control the sharpness.
Here are the steps:

  • let’s say the sides of the triangle are a, b and c.
  • select sides a and b and then subdivide once.
  • Select the two vertices that were just created and join them: We now have an edge running across the face of the triangle.
  • select the new edge and and subdivide once. Also, select edge c and subdivide that once too.
  • Then, join the last two vertices we created in step 4 (using the J key) to create the final edge we need.
  • We now get faces made up of quads so that the edge loops run around them… and we can use them to control the hardness of the edges.

Posting this here so that a fellow newbie might find it useful.

thanks for your help. :slight_smile: