How to take photos for a realistic face texture?


I’m making a female face model and have arrived to the texturing face. I have used photo references to make the color texture that are free on the web previously, but now I want an specific skin tone that it’s hard to find on the free resources on the web. So I have a camera, and a model that will help me with the photo shoot. But I can’t find a good tutorial covering this topic (type of lighting, type of lens, distance from the model, etc). So, do any of you have a link to a good source of information on the subject? or do any of you have experience taking photos for face textures?

Thank you very much for your help, this is the model that I’m working on.


use a camera with a good megapixel size, 16mp is fairly standard on even crappy pocket cameras, lense you want 35-50 mm which will give you a more human eye perspective, though if you want to try and eliminate most of the perspective then a longer lense zoomed close will be better. the main, most important super important thing you need to remember is lighting. too bright and the colours will be washed out to dark and the colours will be dank and lifeless. not enough fill light and you will get shadows on your model not enough back light and you will have dark edges, basically lighting is going to be a nightmare unles you have
A. a studio with all the gear
b. a private outdoor space, and some reflectors.

but saying that it is not impossible to get what you need even in a basic house room you just need several lamps, with white bulbs (not the yellow ones that are normal house bulbs) (the light i mean not the actual bulb! lol) something to diffuse the light such as a thin cloth but one that isn’t going to cause shadows. and take as many shots from around your model as you can. more than just front side and back, get the quarter positions in as well

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Thanks a lot!

I think I get the idea. I’ll try to set up a small studio in the house of a friend :slight_smile:
So I’m thinking, two difuse lamps and a filler board. I guess I’ll search in studio setups and share the experience :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

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