How to tell Blender where python is ?

(tordat) #1

OS Win98
Python 2.1

I think pythonpath is propperly set in the autoexec.bat.

set PYTONPATH=C:\PYTHON21\Tools\idle;C:\Python21;C:\PYTHON21\DLLs;C:\PYTHON21\lib;C:\PYTHON21\lib\plat-win;C:\PYTHON21\lib\lib-tk

Independend of running Blender from the same drive or a different drive,
Blender seems only to find the built in modules but not os, random …

Any suggestions ?

(theeth) #2

pull down the info window (the one at the top with the menu) and type your PythonPath in the Python button. Then, save the defaults with Ctrl-U.


(tordat) #3

Seems to work !

Oh theeth, what would I do without you ? :wink: :wink:

I always wondered what this strange buttons are for. :wink:

(eeshlo) #4

Are you sure you didn’t make a typo? I don’t know if you copy&pasted the environment variable or just typed it in, but if it is the first, it should be PYTHONPATH, you forgot an H…
But then again, I have heard others having the same problems nevertheless…
Also, I don’t have a full python2.1 install, but I don’t think tools/idle should necessarily be in your path, and I don’t have a plat-win directory either, it probably should be something like this:


At least, works for me (also Win98)

Just saw everything’s ok now, oh well, I hope this is useful to someone else then…

(tordat) #5

Thanks for the H-tip.

Seemed to work even without the H but I fixed it.
You never know.

Now I’m doing some tests.

Thanks a lot.

(blendedHKU) #6

Here’s my solution, It ain’t pretty, but will always work

Just copy blender to your c:\python21 folder
(be sure to copy everything inside the blender folder)