How to texture paint a landscape in Blender 2.7x ?

Hi guys, as the title states I have a landscape model (with some 198,839 polys if that matters). I want to paint different textures on the landscape, such as sand, rock and grass textures. I have done some basic texture painting in blender internal, but I don’t know how to do it on cycles.I have done some search on google, but didn’t found some nice tutorials on it. So, a short description of how to do it or reference to some nice (probably short) tutorials on texture painting will be greatly appreciated. Also I was wondering if blender is a right program for doing it, or should I use some other software? I’m using blender 2.72 (sorry for my poor english).

Thank You.

Anyone?? Help me!! :spin:

check this link out.

There is a tutorial for Terrain Texture.

Thank you, for replying. The tutorial is nice, but this isn’t actually what I am looking for. He doesn’t actually explains how to setup the materials to paint on the landscape, and he uses some generated textures, but he doesn’t mentions how he generated them :frowning:

I just want to know how to properly setup multiple materials and select one material to paint on the mesh (with cycles). I have been watching many videos, but haven’t found a way which works for me.

I think you haven’t paid attention to the tutorial. 3 Different type of Gray Scaled textures were placed in RGB channels of a single file. Then he used a node system for the material. He used Red , Blue & Green colors to paint the requird channel on the Mesh. Check it out agian.

Google for using RGB channels as texture holder.
check this out .

Check this link of the same video by Mike Pan.

It explains about the textures in RGB Channels. Downloadable Blend File is also attached.

Ok, it seems that blender 2.72 doesn’t allow you to texture paint in 3d view. However you can paint in UV Image view. Change mode to Paint. Use Red Color only on Mask.tga (Textures are in Red Channel). Use Add & Subtract Mode Only.

Multi Texture in RGB Creation.

Copy Texture.
Go To Channels.
Select only R Channel & Paste.
Go To Layer (It shows a Float texture above Base White Layer) Press Anchor. This puts the Texture in R channel.
Repeat the same for Green & Blue Channel. Make sure, you anchor the Layer, after every paste.
Save the file as png or tiff.

That is absolutely amazing! and to think, it’s TWO YEARS AGO! Thanks for bringing this to the forum, dukejib - it’s perfect for what I’m doing too. I just have to ensure my landscapes are UV Mapped well now. Good luck Dark_Net!