How to texture powder in a clear plastic bottle

I’m trying to render out these clear, plastic bottles with protein powder inside. I’ve attached my best attempts. The powder should look “powdery” similar to the attached texture image. I’ve tried bump maps, but the image is stretching and making it look strange. I did Blender Guru’s texturing tut and tried all of those settings and I’m kind of stuck. Any ideas?

As always, here’s my “quick and dirty” try:

IMHO the powder would not show much structure on the sides, as the powder is compacted against the tub walls. So I assigned a simple diffuse material to the bottom and side polygons of the “content mesh” with just an image of a dry wall as a bump map added to it.

For the fluffy top area I found a powder texture online, which I applied as bump map and as displacement map (with a Displace modifier) only to the top polygons.

Could use a little more structure, though. But perhaps as a starting point?

Also it might look better if some of the ‘powder’ adhered to the walls of the container
So the inside surface looks less pristine

Best of luck

Indeed. Perhaps I should’ve call that my “quick and clean” try… Anyway, here’s another one:

Thanks for the reply. I meant to subscribe to this post so I didn’t see the feedback right away. Wow, this looks so much better than mine. I can’t get my plastic to look that good either. What’s key?

Thanks for the input!


Is the powder puff an addition to the container material or an extension of the powder material?

Just a texture on the container material - wanted to keep it simple. After all, that’s not my project…:wink:

I spent most of my day trying to figure out the plastic and studio set up. I added a cloud based displacement map to the top portion. This doesn’t address the side detail needed, though.


I’m still not concinced that you would necessarily see that much side detail:

The compacting of the powder would wear most of it.

True…I guess there’d be some though.

Here’s where it’s at. I’ve got fireflies and the powder texture looks stretched, perhaps fixed by tweaking the UV map.