How to texture roof tiles

Hello everyone, I am very new to blender and want to learn how to texture roof tiles in blender. They have many textures on the internet, but they just look like images when I use them, so I want to make my own. Does anyone know how I can make beautiful/anime type roof tiles? I am very new to blender, so I don’t have much knowledge about texturing :frowning:
I know this might be too advanced for me, but I want my roof tiles to look pretty, but I don’t know how to make my own textures sob:
Any help is greatly appreciated (and plz know that you are responding to a noob at blender)
Thanks so much for helping a bot like me !!! :slight_smile:

You have to be more precise: looking for something like handpainted texture? Even this could be from a comic like look to a realistic look or wanna make a PBR texture with normal map etc… and then there a tons of tutorials for this… Maybe just search for: blender roof texture tutorial or blender howto texture a roof ??

Yes, I searched tutorials on you tube but there are none. I mean there a few but they just use image in their texture too, and it eventually looks like a picture :frowning:

you can search here too,

And I am very sorry for not being precise (I am just dumb). So, I don’t really know what the texture i want is called (i am soo stupid :frowning:
But, i want my roof tiles to look somewhat like the roof tiles of the house, whose picture i have included. In my terms, i just want them to be anime-type, like look medivalish but not poor. (I don’t know if that makes any sense to anyone)

yes i am trying to go through the link you gave me, but all the talks are soo advanced so i keep getting lost :sob:

I added a picture of how i want the roof tiles to look (i searched on internet for years but couldnt find a video that textures roof tiles like the picture i included here). is there any way i can recreate that texture?

I think the word you are looking for is procedural.

This may be simpler,

and more advanced: $$

and if you decide to return to images:

I have made a video on youtube for you this morning. Sorry, there is some hesitations and little mistakes sometime because i have improvised it. I hope you 'll understand.

edit 1:
Sorry again, i fu…up my export resolution. i m gonna re-edit it.


Omg thanks so much for the video! I am watching it right now.

the video helped me soo much! now, i can progress on the game without interruption what a life saver you are :slight_smile: