How to texture this model

Hey there :slight_smile:

I made a spaceship.
The model is nearly finished, just the armament and the command bridge is
missing. Before I add these, I want to texture it.
Therefor I want to add a texture to the whole body, you know it should
look like a spaceship. I use the Cycles Renderer.
I know how to add textures, normal and displacement maps and so on.
I also know how to unwrap stuff (in theory, because I watched tutorials), but
I don’t know how to texture a those big object, because when I unwrap
I can seperate the faces with seams (or it doesn’t change anything :/)

Can some one create an easy example for me with instructions
how you did that?

Best Regards
:slight_smile:Tallahassee-Klasse.blend (3.1 MB)