how to texture?

Hi, I can succeed in adding a simple color to my object and I can get a preview of a prodedural texture or image texture in the shading buttons preview window, but I have wasted hours reading instructions and trying unsuccessfully to apply the selected and previewed texture to the object in my 3d view. Can someone please tell me how to do this?

You can’t. That is, if you don’t uv-map it and press alt+Z.
It does show up in the render right?

No, the textures do not show up after rendering either. If I understand you, procedural textures and image textures cannot be displayed in the 3d view but they should be displayed after rendering. Is that right? I have not succeeded in getting them to be displayed after rendering either.
I am only trying to texture simple planes and cubes for now so UV-mapping should not be necessary, should it? Please refer me to the point and click interface, not to keyboard shortcuts.

Please refer me to the point and click interface, not to keyboard shortcuts.

Ok, I’m sorry. I was in a hurry, becouce I was at school and my lesson had already started. Alt+Z is the shortcut to go to textured draw type, but it’s mainly used for games, shaded (shift+Z) is usualy better for previews.

You may have to press TexFace in the shading buttons, or maby set the map input to uv.Is there any chance you could post the .blend? It would be easier to help that way.

Edit: btw, why would you want to use uv mapping on procedural textures? Their main advantage is generally that you don’t have to.

Thanks. Perhaps you misunderstood. I have been trying to do everything without any UVmapping. How can I post a .blend file on this forum? Does that provide complete information including which buttons I have got turned on and off?

The simple answer is that you goto F5 and Add a new Material. Then to F6 where you add a new Texture. Where it says “None” you open the menu and select a Texture Type (lets use “Clouds” as an example). Then you click the “Colors” tab and the “ColorBand” button. At bottom-left is a field marked A: with a value 0:00. Move that slider all the way to the right so it reads 1:00. Now set the RGB sliders to change the black color to a color you want. Then at the top where it says “Cur:” click the righthand arrow to go to Cur:1 and set the RGB sliders for the blue color.

Hit F12 to Render.


Thanks, I will copy your instructions and keep them for my future reference.
There is an icon on the far right bottom of the 3D view screen which has this tooltip: “Render this Window(Hold CTRL for Anim)”. I have been trying to use that button for rendering, which doesn’t work. I thought that I had also tried rendering from all of the other possible places, such as Render, Render Current Frame, but I guess that I had not done that at the right time, because I have just been doing it that way now and it renders textures just fine.
Apologies for taking up your time.

Hey, we all have to start somewhere. Read my sig for links that help.


Before you render, make sure you have a camera set up. I do this in object mode (and you’ll need at least one light source), but I’m still a noob too. Add>camera.

Press NumberPad 0 to see what the camera view is, then adjust the camera view to show what you want. Deselect everything, select the camera, then you can grab and rotate it as you need to.