How to texturize a circle mesh with a horizontal/vertical texture?

I’m using this node scheme (screenshot link below) to create a brushed steel in my object, but I need this brush show horizontally on my object. As my object has a circle mesh, the texure is shown circled following the mesh.

How can I make this texture appear horizontally or vertically in my object?

My mesh is like this (screenshot link below), and the Unwrap is like this (screenshot link below).

This is a piece of my render result, showing the circled texture.

And this is how I need it to be.

How can I make this?

Thanks in advance.

Try using generated or object coordinates instead of UVs for the pattern.
Maybe a solid color for the tangent. Need to experiment with that.

I have already tried all possible things.

This is the file:

And this is how it needs to be.

The entire issue is that you’re taking generated coordinates on a cap with a dimpled top and then scaling the Z by 100. That creates the circular pattern-- it is the highly scaled Z coordinate on your noise texture, magnifying the concavity of the cap.

If you don’t want it to be circular, use UV coordinates for your noise texture, or don’t scale Z by 100, or use a flat lid.

Note that anisotropy doesn’t work with Eevee, it’s just running a glossy instead. If you want to use it in Cycles, you’ll want to provide a tangent for your anisotropic BSDF. From your reference, I don’t see why you’d want to be using anisotropy anyways.

You could change UV and make decal with shrinkwrap modifier on top.

Attached is how I would approach it. I didn’t include the texture.
Tampa Geleia1.blend (270.4 KB)
It’s basically using Generated Z coordinate to split it into two methods:

  1. The ring with its own voronoi and radial z tangent.
  2. The top face with its own voronoi and a hacky color assigned tangent.
    I prefer voronoi over noise, as density variation is less obvious in voronoi.