How to to displace with textures, mine doesn't look right, a tree bark !

(sonicdee) #1

Hi there, I wonder why I can’t get displacement to work, (also I’m not very experienced on this, yet)
basically it does work, but it’s far from the example image on the website (see below)
and doesn’t look quite good…

are there any does or some good workflow for a nice and fast (correct) displace,
I used official 2.79b with experimental and “both” dsiplace and bump.

Do I need to unrwap UV, it would rather be more easy not to do that (for me)?!

texture and blend:

barktest.blend (575 KB)

(burnin) #2

If this is what you’re after, you only need a decent base form, so subdivided geo doesn’t deforms uncontrollably… add some cuts
or study by comparing barktestS.blend (

… and as always use manual & other web resources to your advantage