How to update/realign local axis of object after it has been rotated in edit mode?

If I rotate an object say the default cube(to make it simpel) in “edit mode”, then if I go back to “object mode” and try to scale it the its in local axis (press s + x + x) then it will distort cube.

Is there away to realign/update the local axis manually of the object after it has been updated in “edit mode”?

Or should you just avoid rotate in “edit mode” and always do it in object mode?

Simple rule: If you want to rotate the complete mesh it is best done in object mode.

If you rotate complete mesh in edit mode you change the orientation of the axis which you normaly dont want, except you want to align the mesh to another axis.

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I don’t think there is an easy way to change the orientation of an origin in vanilla blender. There are ways, you can enable the transform tools to work on the origin.

Ever looked at MACHIN3 tools? That has a pie menu that allows you to set origin to selected faces, with or without the rotation of the selected faces/edges/verts

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Ok, so its not possible to pick some faces and use there normal the combinations of there normal as the new axis or something similar?

You can select any faces and add its orientation to the Transform Orientation (Global, Local, Normal …) menu (with the plus icon ) and then use this or re-orientate.


Like okidoki says, you can add a custom transform orientation based on your selection but that would then apply to all objects if selected as the active transform orientation. If you just want to restore the origin back to the orientation of its geometry, you’d have to get an angle and set the origin back to that angle. Or use add-ons afaik atleast.

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Good tips Okidoki, however it still didn´t work. It looked like it was correct but when I started to scale it still distorted the cube. I also tried set “origin to geometry” but still got distorted.

I know the workaround, but it annoys me that its not possible to get it back.

It would be possible if you know in which way you rotated exactly… but the problem is like @rigoletto said: don’t do this. :man_shrugging:

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Ok, thanks for all the help.

I just have to accept it´s not possible and make sure I don´t accidently do any rotation in edit mode to mess up to local orientation.

Hej Patrik. If you want to reset the rotation of the object based on a normal direction in edit mode you could use this method or the one Okidoki mentioned in this thread.

Then you also get the orientation of your object so you can get the same rotation but in object mode instead of edit mode.