How to use a Texture node setup in Cycles?

Hi, I was working on a scene in blender when I realised I dont know how to use a texture node setup and make it apply to the material

I just want to know is there any way to make this texture apply to the material in cycles?

That’s quite simple. What you need is Texture Coordinates (from the Inputs category) and your texture (Image Texture or one of the generated textures). You connect the type of texture coordinates you want to the Vector socket of the texture. In general, that will be Generated, UV (if you mesh is unwrapped) or Object (if you know what you’re doing). That’s it, you have your texture.

Now, you can use the Color and Alpha to do what you want. You can plug either of them in the Color socket of a shader. Alpha when it exists is just like a greyscale image where 0 == fully transparent and 1 == fully opaque. You can also do operations on the Color and Alpha (See in the Convertors category) or use them as factor in a Color or Shader mixer. The Color will automatically be converted to greyscale when needed but it’s cleaner to use a RGB to BW convertor on the noodle. Just remember that only a shader can be connected to the Surface socket of the Material Output.

To shift, rotate, scale and crop the texture, use a Mapping node (Vector category). Simply add it on the noodle plugged into the Vector socket of your texture. (Make a lot of room, it’s huge.)

If you need several UV maps, use Attributes nodes (Inputs category), copy/paste the name of the UV map in the text box and use the Vector attribute as if it was the UV from the Texture Coordinates node.

That’s should be pretty much all you need to know about textures in Cycles. Any way, I… we are always a few clicks away for more questions. :wink:

The same question. How to connect the texture I’ve created in Texure Node Editor to Shader Node Editor, and to UV editor.
When I create texrute in Texure Node Editor and give it name, that’s it, I can’t find it anywhere else.

P.S. I’m talking about Texure Node Editor next button after Shader Node Editor.

Alas, these procedural textures can only be used with Blender Render. The button shouldn’t even be there when Cycles is selected since they don’t work. You can’t even see them. You can do the same directly in the material node tree but, double-alas, Cycles has much less generated textures (noise, Voronoi, etc).

The best you can do with these textures is to bake them with Blender Render, save them, and import back for Cycles. Yay! :no:

Aha) Thanx.