How to use blend texture with Cycles ??? I have no color inputs


how does the gradient / blend tool work now in Cycles ?
There are no color inputs!


like this i guess


Or just string the color output of the blend texture through the color mix, HSV, or brightness/contrast node. (same with stringing the fac. output through one or more math nodes.)

ah a mapping node true i did not consider that one.
also how would you do the color blend adjustment defining how fast a is blended to b at what point?

just change the location X for mapping from 0 to 1


This is a disproportionately challenging task. What the others have suggested is exactly what I’ve had to do (make sprawling trees of Mix nodes with chaotic Math nodes as Factor input). I would really like to know any kind of regulated way to do the setup, because on my task I had a simple Blend that had only four color changes, but it took lengthy experimentation, much viewing intermediary results, and quite a bit of throwing around Math nodes at random until the gradients came out right.

If there is a good place to clamor for features, I would like to know that, too - a single Blend node would fix all this.


there is a gradient node and it works fine

get the latest built !


One has to do this as of now because there’s currently no colorband nodes like in BI, I believe Brecht is already aware of this last I checked.

Rick are you talking about the normal gradient node like this one:
Or is there a new version?

What I am talking about is that I currently find Cycles gradient node and the approach to work with it rather very limited.

One the one side you can only use it as a blend function between two different colors and secondly you have no real good control about the placement of a color on the color band like in Blender 2.4.

Besides having more control over the color placement because you work with a blend start and end position you also can position multiple colors. The current options in Cycles are really limited. It degrades the gradient more into a blend tool while it should be just usable as a texture as well without having to use material mixing to give a gradient a color definition.

Here is a screenshot:

yes same as in first pic for gradient node

now don’t forget that we should have ramp in cycles sooner or later

but to get better gradient then do it in GIMP may be!

even with ramp texturing gradient are not very good in blender


ok so I am not missing anything great.

yes a ramp texture plug-in would be nice for the gradients to give them color on their own.

You can also play with the UV mesh for the color transition but thats a little cumbersome.

make it as UV map in GIMP
then should get better results!

until we get more nodes in cycles

wish there was a good GSOC project to make good color gradient in blender !


I think you can get it solved with these nodes (I used blender 2.64 RC1):


Do you know if there is any way to animate the positions of the bands so that they change with time; as you can do with Blender internal?

OK thanks for the info.