How to use Blender as an Animation Review Tool

While a lot of people knows that Blender has grease pencil, also a lot of people ignore that it´s very easy to use Blender as an animation review tool leveraging grease pencil and that they don´t need to have a full 3d scene to do this, in this video we go through the process of setting up a Blender scene for that and how to correctly play it and output it, so any user from any package can leverage it, no matter if they use 3dsmax, maya, C4D or Modo, Blender can be their Animation Review Tool.

Hope you like it!


Nice tutorial, thx!

I see you have the Wayne Dixon ‘Add Camera’ Add-on I would like to have, but the github page gives a 404. Are you willing to upload it somewhere to share it? thx!

Hi RayVelcoro, you are welcome :slight_smile:

Regarding the addon, I have very few addons that are not included in Blender, and the cameras one is from inside blender, I did not download that addon at all, so probably is included.


It is included I found out. thx for your answer.

Thank for your info.I like it.

Bear in mind that the texture refresh itself if you are in Material mode in the viewport, something I knew from a youtube commenter :slight_smile: