How to use exported UV maps with sharp uv island lines?

I’m exporting a UV map that’s 64x64 and no matter what program I use ( GIMP and Krita ) the uv island lines aren’t sharp. I tried exporting as PNG and SVG as well as snapping the uv islands via “Snap Selected to Pixels” before exporting but nothing changed. In GIMP I followed a post on Stack Exchange that describes how to define path lines from an imported vector file, but this doesn’t seem to do exactly what I had in mind. What I’m hoping for is a sharp, 1px thick border ( inclusive to the uv island’s area ) so that I know with certainty where the texture I create will map to by the pixel. Given I’m working with very low texture resolutions every pixel counts and I don’t want to do guesswork. On higher resolutions the line blur isn’t an issue most of the time.

Is there anything I can do to make this a reality? This feels like something that should be obvious and that many people already use in their workflow, but I just couldn’t find any info on it.

Edit: Solved. Changing the export for the UV map as .eps and setting “Snap Selected to Pixels” as checked resolved it for me.