How to use own image as background or environment and produce strong shadow with EEVEE?

Hi, I want to render in EEVEE to get such rendered image:

My requirements are:

  1. Use my own images (the white background in the image above) as background (no matter it is background or world environment in Blender)
  2. I need a strong shadow for my screw on the white background.
  3. I can only utilise with EEVEE engine for rendering.

The above image that I created is with Cycle engine but it took much time and I have to generate thousands of this kind of images. So how can I do it with EEVEE? Thanks.

I don’t understand where the problem is. If you have a scene rendered with cycles just set the render engine to EEVEE and adjust some settings. for the shadow you can play with the shadow and light settings in EEVEE.
This simple material should look similar in Cycles and EEVEE.
But I would recommend Smooth Shading the object and enable Auto Smooth. It will look much better.

You could give us the blend file. Because this doesn’t seem like a problem in eevee.