How to use Specular in Game Engine?

How to use Specular in Game Engine?

I have tried to use this feature, but I don´t had Success.

iirc only the spec and hardness sliders in the material buttons have any effect

you need lamps and light sensitive faces

[unless you have a really high poly mesh it WILL look bad]

Thanks, its useful to simulate metal or glass.

should try and do this with a uv map

Specularity only work with UV mapped objects?

By the way, any day we will have reflections in the game engine?

You can already do some reflections in the game engine. Either use a sphere map, or duplicate the objects on the other side of the mirror and make the mirror transparent.

If you’re really clever, you can even make a duplicate of a dynamic, armature deformed mesh that reflects correctly in the mirror.

The only difference between the duplicated object aproach and the reflections used in most commercial games, is that sometimes the stencil buffer is used to keep the duplicated objects from being visible behind the mirror.

I tried reading the change log for Blender v2.34 that spoke about specular highlighting online at the blender site. But the graphic that went with the text scrambled all of the text.