How to use symmetry editing in-between separate mesh

Please help me if you have any clue.

i have create one mesh and than apply mirror modifier. After completion i did apply the modifier and separate both objects.

Now both objects are separate and have different connection with different objects “in rigging process”. (Please check the image, object A and object B)

And for some reason i want to modify both Object A and Object B in symmetry manner, but without breaking any of there connections. Is there any way to do that ?
"temporarily making object single/combined and than do changes with Xsymmetry mode on and than separate " or any other way.

Thanks and Regards,

Bad idea, your symetry is broken after separation, well it’s the meaning of seperation. :man_shrugging:
But maybe your idea works, try enableing topology mirror if the objects are a bit of.

Thanks for reply @Okidoki,
by topology mirror you mean symmetry tab in viewport ?

Or do you mean any other tool/option.

And on this viewport symmetry option … i already tried that but not working.

No, additionaly in Options. Only needed if the topo isn’t 100% symetric and the normal symetry doesn’t work , with Topology Mirror slight differences will be overseen.

can you please send me screenshot for this option, I am really sorry but i am not much familiar with blender so need little more help. thanks for advance.

Options in you screenshot.

ops i think i am not lucky today :smiley: its not working either.