How to use the blenderplayer ?

I read somewhere that the blenderplayer.exe can be used to play any video .
I didn’t find the doc about the use of this …
Is there any tut or doc about using it .

When opening blenderplayer from dos window I can see the options, but dont understand how to load a video, it seems made to play .blend files ???

When you make a game in the GameEngine and turn it into an .exe, that exe uses the BlenderPlayer to run cross-platform. See this:


Thanks, but is it only to play .blend files, thats what I dont understand …
Does it play video only from render paths of a .blend that has no game ?

No, as far as I know there is no way in the GameEngine to display video as a Sequence strip or on its own. If you UVmap a video or sequence of images to an Object you could probably get it to play that way. Why do you want to do it with the player and not with the usual Quicktime or .avi?

z3r0_d… help!


I wanted to get rid of the external players to see my anims …

If the rendered output is still in the folder you rendered to you can just press Play in F10 to see them in Blender. If not you can browse with the top field in the Output tab to the file in any Blender file and then press Play. Or you can load the anim as a Sequence strip and, in the header of that window click the striped icon right of “Strip” and choose Preview then hit Alt-A. There are probably other ways too. I think the Blender Player was only designed for games so that others could play your game without having to download Blender or hassle to find platform specific soft to do it.


Thanks a lot Fligh ¨

I know the flipbook works fine for playing sequences and movies !

But I can play anim(seqs or movs) from the blenderplayer, by browing with the output paths from the current file, thats it !

Thanks again !