how to use the ps3 controller on linux in a blender game

how do we use the ps3 controller on linux 8.04 in a blender game.if its possible could you post a blend:)

I don’t know much about linux…

But, wouldn’t just using the joystick logic bricks work just find…

I’m not sure,but I think it does… And, it has to be the syntax controller I think also. :smiley:

i dont know how to use them and when i tried the ps3 controller it didnt work

You would need to use Python to get the port it’s attached to, and control everything that way, i’m pretty sure.

ok i have both windows and Linux is there any way to do it on windows?(if its possible could you post a blend:))
thanks in advance

Where did you get the driver for it for linux? as far as I know, it only works with Windows…

are you talking about the driver for blender or the ps3 controller?

PS3 controller, I have been trying for a while and havent found a solution for getting it to work on linux… the only thing that has stopped me from installing ubuntu on my PS3